Young family index

Young family history

002 – Greg

004 – Peter

005 – Marjorie

To continue with the history of Marjorie’s forbears see the Sullivan family index

008 Cecil (Greg’s grandfather)

Young Cecil from Noel Tunks_001
Cecil Young, photograph from Noel Tunks

Cecil’s brother John Percy (Jack)

Cecil’s half-brother Leslie Leister (born Jack Walsh Whiteman)

016 John (Greg’s great grandfather)

John Young with his step children Bob and Mary Whiteman and his sons Jack and Cecil Young. Photograph taken 1898-9. A copy of this photograph came from the Tunks family (relatives on the Young side) but a copy is also held by the Way family (relatives of the children’s mother).

032 George (Greg’s great great grandfather)

This photo of George Young was passed to us by Noel Tunks of Maryborough

033 Caroline Young nee Clark(e) (Greg’s great great grandmother)