Edwards, Ralph and Gilbart family index

Greg’s great grandmother: 23 Edith Caroline Edwards, daughter of Francis Gilbart Edwards and Caroline Ralph, was born on 16 Sep 1871 in Sunnyside, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. She died in 1946 in Chelsea, Victoria. She married Henry Dawson on 12 Dec 1889 in the Weslyan Parsonage, Brunswick, Victoria.

Greg’s great great grandparents:

46 Francis Gilbart Edwards, son of Thomas Edwards and Mary Gilbart, was born on 21 Jan 1848 in St. Erth, Cornwall, England. He died on 29 Mar 1913 in Primrose Crescent, Brighton, Victoria, Australia. He married Caroline Ralph on 27 Dec 1870 in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.

47 Caroline Ralph, daughter of Francis Ralph and Caroline Rodgers, was born on 10 May 1850 in Camborne, Cornwall, England (Centenary Street). She died on 22 Jul 1896 in Brighton, Victoria, Australia (Grant St; cancer of uterus and exhaustion after illness of 6 weeks).

Their ten children included:

Greg’s 3rd great grandparents:

92 Thomas Edwards, son of John Edwards and Jane Gilbert, was born in 1794 in Cornwall, England. He died on 07 Jan 1871 in Bungaree, Victoria (Died suddenly of “congestion of brain”). He married Mary Gilbart on 14 Mar 1826 in St. Erth, Cornwall, England.

93 Mary Gilbart, daughter of John Gilbart and Elizabeth Huthnance, was born in 1805 in St Erth, Cornwall, England. She died on 11 Aug 1867 in Bungaree, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia (disease of the womb after a 7 month illness).

Mary and Thomas Edwards arrived in Victoria in 1849: Edwards family immigration on the Lysander arriving in the Port Phillip District in 1849.

The Edwards came probably because Mary’s sister Sarah and her husband Francis Tuckfield were already in Australia.

94 Francis Ralph, son of John Ralph and Elizabeth Gard, was born about 1823 in Helston, Cornwall, England. He died on 15 Apr 1915 in South Australia, Australia (Died of old age and natural causes. Hundred of Waikare, River Murray. son in law W. Rawe was the informant. Number of issue living 2 males and 2 females. Number of issue deceased 3 males and 4 females.). He married Caroline Rodgers on 07 Jan 1845 in Camborne, Cornwall, England.

95 Caroline Rodgers, daughter of John Rogers and Christian, was born in 1825 in Camborne, Cornwall, England. She died on 19 Jan 1893 in New St, Queenstown, Port Adelaide, South Australia (breast cancer; secondary deposits various parts of body).

Francis and Caroline Ralph came to Victoria in 1854: B is for the barque Bloomer arrived 1854

Greg’s 4th great grandparents:

184 John Edwards. He married Jane Gilbert.
185 Jane Gilbert was born about 1766 in Cornwall, England.

186 John Gilbart, son of Gilbart and Catherine, was born on 31 Mar 1760 in Phillack, Cornwall, England. He died in 1837 in St. Erth, Cornwall, England. He married Elizabeth Huthnance on 03 Jan 1798 in Gwinear, Cornwall, England.
187 Elizabeth Huthnance, daughter of John Huthnance and Elizabeth Tremayne, was born on 06 Aug 1774 in Gwinear, Cornwall, England. She died on 01 Jul 1847 in St. Erth, Cornwall, England.

  • John Gilbart was a Cornish Copper Company (CCC) employee, promoted from Copperhouse near Hayle in West Cornwall to manager at the Rolling Mills at St Erth: C is for copper

188 John Ralph, son of John Ralph and Mary Eva, was born about 1783 in Helston, Cornwall, England. He died in 1857. He married Elizabeth Gard.
189 Elizabeth Gard was born about 1788 in St Keverne, Cornwall, England. She died on 23 Oct 1854 in Padstow, Cornwall, Eng.

190 John Rogers was born about 1796 in Cornwall, England. He married Christian.
191 Christian was born about 1796 in Cornwall, England.

Greg’s first cousin 5 times removed was James William Gilbart (1794 – 1863), an English banker and author, who became General Manager of one of the first joint-stock banks in England, the London and Westminster. J is for joint stock bank