Chauncy family index

My 2nd great grandmother

49 Annie Frances Chauncy, daughter of Philip Lamothe Snell Chauncy and Susan Augusta Mitchell was born on 25 April 1857 in Survey Office, Heathcote, Victoria. She died on 21 February 1883 in Hesse Street, Queenscliff, Victoria.

Annie Chauncy

Annie Chauncy (1857-1883), my great great grandmother, daughter of Philip, modelled in wax by her aunt Theresa. The cast wax model is in the collection of the National Galery of Australia. They estimate the model to have been made in about 1860. Annie would have only been 3. I think it possible the model was made in 1864 when Theresa stayed with the family and Annie was 7.

Annie married Philip Champion de Crespigny (1850-1927) on on 25 October 1877 in St Paul’s, Ballarat, Victoria.

They had two children:

  • Philip Champion de Crespigny (1879 – 1918)
  • Constantine Trent Champion de Crespigny (1882 – 1952)

For more information on the Champion de Crespigny family see de Crespigny family index

My 3rd great grandfather


98 Philip Lamothe Snell Chauncy, son of William Snell [Brown] Chauncy and Rose Therese Lamothe was born on 21 June 1816 in Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England. He died on 9 April 1880 in Ballarat, Victoria.

Philip emigrated to Australia in 1839: E is for emigration

Philip first married Charlotte Humphries Kemmis (1816 – 1847) on 16 March 1841 at Trinity Church, Adelaide, South Australia. They had no children.

He secondly married Susan Augusta Mitchell on 30 August 1848 in Church of England Mission, Middle Swan, Western Australia. They had nine children:

  • Theresa Snell Chauncy 1849–1886
  • Philip Lamothe Chauncy 1851–1854 H is for heartbreak in Heathcote
  • William Snell Chauncy 1853–1903
  • Auschar Philip Chauncy 1855–1890
  • Annie Frances Chauncy 1857–1883 (see above – my great great grandmother)
  • Constance Chauncy 1859–1907
  • Amy Blanche Chauncy 1861–1925
  • Frederick Philip Lamothe Chauncy 1863–1926
  • Clement Henry Chauncy 1865–1902

My 4th great grandfather

196 William Snell [Brown] Chauncy, son of William Snell-Chauncy and Eunice Brown was born on 14 August 1781 in London, England. He died on 1 August 1845 in 24 Clarenden St. Leamington. Warwickshire, England.

He firstly married Rose Therese Lamothe (1784 – 1818)  on 5 May 1804 in Parish Malew, Douglas, Isle of Man. They had three children:

William secondly married Anne Curtis (1791 – 1868) on 22 July 1819 in Surrey, England. They had five children:

  • William Snell Chauncy 1820–1878
  • Eunice Ann Snell Chauncy 1821–1892
  • Hugh Snell Chauncy 1823–1900
  • Anna Marie Chauncy 1825–1838
  • Sophia Maria Snell Chauncy 1827–1903