My husband’s great great grandfather George Young (1826-1890) was from Liverpool.  Unfortunately we don’t know any more than this about him until he arrived on the Victorian goldfields at Beechworth.

George seems never to have left a document stating who his parents were. We have not been able to find a shipping record that gives this information.

The informant on his death certificate was his son-in-law John L. Tunks, and John Tunks did not even know how long George Young had been in the colonies, let alone who his parents were.

The surname Young makes it difficult to trace him. There were at least half a dozen boys born in Liverpool and called George Young in the estimated year of birth of our George Young. It was before civil registration so that is not an exhaustive list.

George most likely left for Australia from Liverpool. He would have been 26 years old in 1852.

In the Index to Unassisted Inward Passenger Lists to Victoria 1852-1953 available through the Public Record Office the only likely passenger based on age, is a George Young, adult with age not listed, who arrived on the Kalmia in 1852. I checked and the Kalmia did indeed sail from Liverpool: the Kalmia is listed in From Liverpool. (1852, October 9). Empire (Sydney, NSW : 1850 – 1875),  p. 2. Retrieved from . Unfortunately there are no shipping records available for unassisted passengers earlier than 1852.

The shipping list for the Kalmia, viewable through or available on microfiche shows that George Young was Irish. On the slight information we have, he doesn’t seem to be our man.

The following records from the Assisted Immigrants index from 1839 to 1853 are possible matches for our George based on his age.

Family Name Given Name Age Month Year Ship Book Page

YOUNG GEO age 20 month and year of arrival MAY 1847 ship SIR THOMAS ARBUTHNOT book and page 2/3 262

YOUNG GEORGE age 27 month and year of arrival DEC 1852 ship THEODORE book and page 7 78

The ship Theodore sailed from Liverpool. VICTORIA. (1852, December 20). The Shipping Gazette and Sydney General Trade List (NSW : 1844 – 1860), , p. 351. Retrieved from

The George Young who arrived on the Theodore appears to be accompanied by a wife and child. This does not appear to match our George Young as he seems to have acquired a wife and family only after his arrival in Australia.

The Sir Thomas Arbuthnot was a convict ship that sailed from Spithead. One of the convicts was a George Young whose crime had been sheep stealing. He was from Wells which does not match what we know about George Young’s origins.

All in all it seems that our George Young is not listed in the shipping records that survive from the period.

Shipping records other than the indexes of passengers include letters of thanks from passengers to their ship’s captain that were sometimes  published in the newspapers. Some hospital records include the ship of arrival. Unfortunately I have not been able to trace George’s arrival through records of this type..

Other members of our family who arrived by ship sailing from Liverpool include:

  • My third great grandparents, Daniel and  Mary Cudmore née Nihill, sailed from Liverpool in 1835 on the John Dennison
  • Margaret Rankin née Gunn, my third great grandmother, who sailed with her children and second husband from Liverpool aboard the Dirigo in 1854
  • The Ralph family, my husband’s third great grandparents and children, arrived from Liverpool in 1854 on the Bloomer

Sir Claude de Crespigny, the fourth baronet, visited Florida sailing from Liverpool in 1887.

I have no record of the arrival of another of my husband’s great great grandfathers, James Cross, who was born near Liverpool and arrived in Victoria about 1853.

SS Great Britain leaving Prince’s Pier, Liverpool, for Australia, 1852. ANMM Collection retrieved from

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