de Crespigny family index 3 – the baronets and their descendants

The first baronet was my 6th great uncle Claude Champion de Crespigny (1734-1818). This family index page traces his descendants. The baronetcy became extinct in 1952.

Sir Claude Champion de Crespigny - the first baronet
Sir Claude Champion de Crespigny (1734-1818)

Claude Champion de Crespigny born 19 December 1734 London and died 29 January 1818 at his house, Lincoln’s-inn-fields, London.

He was educated at Cambridge University attending Trinity Hall Champion de Crespignys at Cambridge from the earliest times to 1900

He married Mary Clarke (1747 – 1812) on 16 February 1764 at St Giles Camberwell.

In 1790 Claude had his pocket picked: George Bowyer transported for pickpocketing

Claude was created a baronet on 31 October 1805.

Claude and Mary had one son, William, born 1 January 1765, born Camberwell, London.

William Champion de Crespigny (1765 – 1829) became the second baronet on the death of his father on 29 January 1818.

William married Lady Sarah Windsor (1763-1825) on 4 August 1786 at the house of her mother Lady Plymouth in Bouton Street, London (probably Bruton Street). Lady Sarah Windsor was the daughter of Other Lewis Windsor (1731-1777), 4th Earl of Plymouth.

William and Sarah had ten children:

William died 28 December 1829 at Southwark, London.

On William’s death, his grandson, Claude William Champion de Crespigny (1818-1868), son of Augustus who had died in 1825, became the 3rd baronet.

de Crespigny baronets male descent
Family tree showing the male line of descent from Claude Champion de Crespigny (1734-1818) the 1st baronet

Champion Lodge in Camberwell, occupied by the family since 1741, was demolished and the land divided for housing in the 1840s by Sir Claude William Champion de Crespigny the third baronet

Claude William married Mary Tyrrell 1824–1876. They had eleven children:

  • Claude Champion_de_Crespigny 1847–1935
  • Eliza Mary Champion_de_Crespigny 1849–1932
  • Philip Augustus Champion_de_Crespigny 1850–1912
  • Cicely Ann Champion_de_Crespigny 1851–1871
  • Emily Harriet Smith Champion_de_Crespigny 1853–1878
  • Sarah Anna Maria Gore Champion_Crespigny 1854–1936
  • Lucy Eugenie Bowyer Champion_de_Crespigny 1856–1933
  • Rosalie Julia Champion_de_Crespigny 1857–1880
  • Tyrell Other William Champion_de_Crespigny 1859–1946
    • U for Unregistered
    • Tyrell married Kathleen Alice Wigram 1876–1965. They had three children:
      • Rosalie Kathleen Champion_de_Crespigny 1900–1979
      • Eileen Ethel Champion_de_Crespigny 1903–1989
      • Vivian Tyrell Champion_de_Crespigny 1907–1952 became the 8th and final baronet
  • Agnes Katherine Vierville Champion_de_Crespigny 1861–1942
  • Vivian Ormsby Lloyd Champion_de_Crespigny 1863–1899

The fourth baronet Claude (1847-1935) was the son of the third baronet. He named all five sons Claude, though they would have been known by their middle names.

Claude married Georgiana Louisa Margaret McKerrell 1849–1935. They had nine children:

As mentioned at the top the baronetcy is now extinct, that there were no surviving male heirs.

There was possibly a pretender who could have claimed the title but wisely he chose not to come forward. I suspect when he adopted the name and identity he did not realise he was in line for the title