Cross and Plowright family index

Greg’s paternal grandmother
9 Elizabeth Cross, daughter of Frederick James Cross and Ann Jane Plowright was born on 18 November 1900 in Lower Homebush, Victoria. She died on 20 September 1949 in the Base Hospital, Ballarat, Victoria. (Usual place of residence Drummond Street, Ballarat).

Great grandparents
18 Frederick James Cross, son of James Cross and Ellen Murray was born on 01 Apr 1857 in Green Hills, Buninyong, Victoria. He died on 23 May 1929 at home at the cnr Victoria & Grant Sts, Sebastopol, Victoria. He married Ann Jane Plowright on 28 April 1886 in Avoca, Victoria.

19 Ann Jane Plowright, daughter of John Plowright and Margaret Smyth was born on 30 August 1862 in Four Mile Flat (Homebush), Avoca, Victoria. She died on 19 Nov 1930 in District Hospital, Ballarat, Victoria.

FJ and Ann Jane Cross had 10 children

Great great grandparents
36 James Cross, son of James Cross and Ann Bailey was born on 22 March 1828 in Windle, Liverpool, Lancashire, England. He died on 31 January 1882 in Carngham, Victoria. He married Ellen Murray on 28 November 1856 in Black Lead, Buninyong, Victoria.

37 Ellen Murray, daughter of George Murray and Ellen Dony was born on 18 May 1837 in Dublin, Ireland. She died on 4 March 1901 in 66 Ripon St, Ballarat, Victoria.

James and Ellen Cross had the following children:

  1. Frederick James 1857–1929 (see above)
  2. Ellen 1859–1903
  3. George Murray 1861–1916
  4. Ann Bailey 1862–1937
  5. Elizabeth Grapel 1864–1935
  6. Jane Bailey 1866–1930 : Jane Bailey Snell née Cross 1866 – 1930
  7. Mary Gore 1868–1939
  8. Isabella Murray 1870–1950
  9. Thomas Bailey 1873–1875
  10. Harriet Mercer 1875–1943
  11. Margaret Plowright 1878–1960
Ellen Cross and family about 1890. Picture from a great grand daughter of Frederick James Cross and great great grand daughter of Ellen.

38 John Plowright, son of William Plowright and Sarah Anne Jackson was born on 26 November 1831 in Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England. He died on 8 January 1910 in Lower Homebush, Victoria. He married Margaret Smyth on 19 November 1855 in the Residence of John Plowright, Magpie, Ballarat, Victoria.

39 Margaret Smyth, daughter of William Smyth and Mary Cox was born on 08 Apr 1834 in Bailieborough, Cavan, Ireland. She died on 18 May 1897 in Homebush, Avoca, Victoria.

John and Margaret Plowright had six children and one adopted Child

  • William John born 1859 at Alma (four miles west of Maryborough)
  • James Henry born 1860 at Homebush (about 10 miles from Alma)
  • Ann Jane born 1862 at Four Mile Flat (Homebush)
  • Frederick Edward born 1865 at Avoca
  • Samuel Joseph Smyth born 1868 at Homebush
  • John Plowright born 1872 at Homebush and died the same year
  • Frederick Harold born 1881 was adopted; he was their grandson, the son of James Henry Plowright

3rd great grandparents
72 James Cross was born about 1791 in Prescott, Merseyside, England. He died on 12 Nov 1853 in Grove Street, Mount Pleasant, Liverpool, Lancashire. On 28 December 1819 James Cross married Ann Bailey.

73 Ann Bailey was born about 1791 in Childwall, Lancashire, England. She died in 1860.

Between 1820 and 1822 James and Ann had seven children, two girls and 
five boys:

  • John Cross 1820–1867
  • Thomas Bailey Cross 1822–1889
  • Ellen (Helen) Cross 1824–1840: Ellen Cross (1824 – 1840)
  • Ann Jane Cross 1826–1827
  • James Cross 1828–1882 (Greg’s great great grandfather see above)
  • William Grapel Cross 1831– ?
  • Frederick Beswick Cross 1833–1910

74 George Murray. On 1 May 1825 George Murray married Eleanor Doyle at St Mary’s (Pro-Cathedral), Dublin.

75 Ellen or Eleanor Doyle.

76 William Plowright, son of James Plowright and Mary was born about 1791 in Kings Lynn Norfolk, England. He died in 1869 in Norfolk, United Kingdom. He married Sarah Anne Jackson on 24 June 1823 in Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England (St Nicholas).

77 Sarah Anne Jackson was born about 1796 in Fring, Norfolk, England. She died in 1864 in Kings Lynn, Norfolk.

78 William Smyth was a farmer from County Cavan. He married Mary Cox.

79 Mary Cox.

Other Cross and Plowright relatives and friends