World War 1

Many of the posts in my blog recall men of my family who fought in wars.

My family, like so many others, felt the effects of World Wars 1 and 2. Both my grandfathers and my father-in-law fought in World War 2. All four of my great grandfathers and both my husband’s grandfathers and my step grandfather fought in World War 1. All ten men survived, though both my husband’s grandfathers and one of my great grandfathers were injured.

Our forebears lost brothers and cousins in the wars. Most of these uncles and cousins did not have children and so it is up to us, the descendants of their siblings and cousins, to remember them.

Of course I have never met most of the men I have written about, and I cannot comprehend the appalling experience of fighting in a war. I hope I have done something to keep their memory alive by gathering together the dry facts of their military experience.
This is a list of the posts about the men who served in World War 1.