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Whitmore Hall about 1920
Whitmore Hall photographed about 1920 by William Blake, image from Staffordshire County Council

My great great grandmother

Ellen Jane Cavenagh-Mainwaring
Photograph of Ellen Jane Cavenagh-Mainwaring from Cavenagh-Mainwaring, Christine ” Whitmore Hall : from 1066 to Waltzing Matilda”. Adelaide Peacock Publications, 2013. page 103.

55 Ellen Jane Mainwaring, daughter of Gordon Mainwaring and Mary Hickey was born on 15 July 1845 in Adelaide, South Australia. She died on 1 July 1920 in Southsea, Hampshire, England. She married Wentworth Cavenagh on 16 February 1865 in Adelaide, South Australia. After my great great grandmother Ellen Jane Cavenagh-Mainwaring, formerly Cavenagh, née Mainwaring, inherited the family property of Whitmore in Staffordshire in 1891, the family surname was changed to assume the name and arms of Mainwaring in addition to Cavenagh in acknowledgement of the inheritance.

For information on Ellen’s ten children see the Cavenagh family index

My 3rd great grandparents

Gordon Mainwaring
Photograph of Gordon Mainwaring from Cavenagh-Mainwaring, Christine ” Whitmore Hall : from 1066 to Waltzing Matilda“. Adelaide Peacock Publications, 2013. page 103.

110 Gordon Mainwaring, son of Rowland Mainwaring and Sophia Henrietta Duff was born in 1817 in Bath, Somerset, England. He died on 21 December 1872 in London, England. He married Mary Hickey on 5 July 1843 in St John’s C of E, Adelaide, South Australia.

111 Mary Hickey, daughter of Michael Hickey was born in 1819 in Limerick, Ireland. She died in 1890 in London, England.

Gordon and Mary had seven children:

  1. Ellen (1845 – 1920) [see above]
  2. Emily (1848 – 1863)
  3. Charles Henry (1850 – 1889)
  4. Alice (1852 – 1878) : Alice Moore née Mainwaring (1852 – 1878); Living statues
  5. Walter Coyney (1855 – 1888)
  6. Julia (1857 – 1935) : Julia Wilkinson née Mainwaring (1857 – 1907); Living statues
  7. Frederick Rowland (1859 – 1891)

My 4th great grandparents

220 Rowland Mainwaring, son of Rowland Mainwaring and Jane Latham was born on 31 December 1783 in London, Middlesex, England. He died on 11 April 1862 in Whitmore, Staffordshire. He married Sophia Henrietta Duff on 31 December 1810 in Stoke Damerel, Devon, England (Lieutenant HMS Narcissus).

Rear-Admiral Rowland Mainwaring
Rowland Mainwaring in 1861 from “The Mainwarings of Whitmore and Biddulph in the County of Stafford. An account of the family, and its connections by marriage and descent; with special reference to the Manor of Whitmore.” J.G. Cavenagh-Mainwaring, about 1935.

221 Sophia Henrietta Duff. She was the daughter of William Duff. She died on 11 Oct 1824.

Rowland Mainwaring married three times and had seventeen children

Sophia Henrietta Duff 1790–1824

  1. Rowland Mainwaring 1811–1826
  2. Edward Pellew Mainwaring 1815–1858
  3. Sophia Henrietta Mainwaring 1815–1871
  4. Gordon Mainwaring 1817–1872 (see above my 3rd great grandfather)
  5. Paulina Mary Mainwaring 1818–1825
  6. Charles Henry Mainwaring 1819–1878. Father of Gerald Mainwaring (sixth son) : Gerald Mainwaring (1854 – ? ) and of Henry Arthur Mainwaring (1852–1877) U is for unlucky in Argentina
  7. William Arthur Mainwaring 1822–1854
  8. George Mainwaring 1824–1850

Mary Anne Clark –1835

  1. Mary Anne Mainwaring 1828–1865

Laura Maria Julia Walburga Chevillard 1811–1891: I is for Ilmenau

  1. Karl Heinrich August Mainwaring 1837–1906 X is for destruction of a piratical fleet near Xiānggǎng (Hong Kong) ; J is for Jamaica
  2. Randolph Mainwaring 1839–1902
  3. Eugene George Henri Mainwaring 1841–1911
  4. Laura Chevillard Mainwaring 1843–1843
  5. Frederic Mainwaring 1844–1922 Z is for zealous in New Zealand
  6. Guy Mainwaring 1847–1909 D is for Dartmouth: Guy Mainwaring and the beagle pack ; Trove Tuesday: Cricket and the Duke of Edinburgh’s visit in 1867
  7. Horatio Mainwaring 1848–1913
  8. Algernon Mainwaring 1852–1926

Fifth great grandparents
440 Rowland Mainwaring, son of Edward Mainwaring and Sarah Bunbury was born in 1745 in Four Oaks, Warwickshire, England. He died in 1817. He married Jane Latham on 10 December 1780.
441 Jane Latham. She was the daughter of Captain Latham, RN. She died on 23 November 1809.

They had the following children:

  1. Edward Henry Mainwaring 1781–1807 D is for died in Dacca
  2. Rowland Mainwaring 1782–1862 (see above)
  3. Thomas Mainwaring 1784–1835 Mainwaring younger sons go to India
  4. Charlotte Margaretta Mainwaring 1785–1836
  5. Elizabeth Mainwaring 1787–1869
  6. Susannah Jane Mainwaring 1788–1871
  7. George Mainwaring 1791–1865 Mainwaring younger sons go to India ; H is for Haileybury
    • Sons of George:
      • Rowland Rees, born in 1819 and baptised Calcutta, a General in the Bengal Native Infantry, died unmarried
      • Harry, born 1820 at Jaunpore, and died of smallpox, unmarried, at Agra, in 1845. He first joined the Bengal Army. At the time of his death Harry was Lieutenant And Adjutant, 2d Grenadiers.
      • Norman William, born at Jaunpore and baptised 1821 at Benares, and was killed in 1858 in a railway accident at Howrah. At the time of his death he was a Captain with the 73rd Regiment N.I. R is for Railway Accident
      • George Byres born 1825 Banda, lieutenant-general in the Bengal army, died unmarried. He became a noted scholar of the Lepcha language spoken in the Sikkim and Darjeeling district in West Bengal. S is for saving a language
      • Charles, born at Calcutta in 1839, a Cornet in the 6th Bengal Light Cavalry killed on the boats at Cawnpore on 27 June 1857 age 18 I is for Indian Mutiny

442 William Duff, the father of Sophia Mainwaring née Duff.: Major William Duff 1754 – 1795; Q is for Quebec
443 Dorothy Tobin née Skelly formerly Duff (abt 1768-1840), the mother of Sophia Mainwaring née Duff. Dorothy Skelly’s father Gordon Skelly died at sea in 1771 : Deaths at seaRemembering Captain Gordon Skelly

Sixth great grandparents
880 Edward Mainwaring (1709-1795) J is for Jacobite rebellion

881 Sarah Bunbury ( -1798)

Seventh great grandparents

Edward Mainwaring (1681 – abt. 1738)

Jemima Pye (- 1721)

Parents of 8 sons and 1 daughter

Further generations back to William the Conqueror

Other Mainwaring relatives