The Champion de Crespigny baronetcy was created in 1805. The first baronet was Claude Champion de Crespigny (1734-1818), Receiver -General of the Droits of Admiralty and a director of the South Sea Company. The last, the eighth, was Sir Vivian Tyrell Champion de Crespigny, who died in 1952. With his death the baronetcy became extinct.

There were no eligible heirs among the Australian de Crespignys. As my great grandfather Trent de Crespigny explained to the press, the Australian branch of the family belonged to a collateral line and the title could not pass sideways.

Baronetcy extinct

BARONETCY EXTINCT (1952, March 7). News (Adelaide, SA : 1923 – 1954), p. 6. Retrieved from


The second baronet was William (1765-1829), only son of Claude and his wife Mary (1749-1812).

William’s oldest son Augustus (1791-1825) died in Jamaica before he could inherit, but he had married and had children, and his son Claude (1818-1868) succeeded to the baronetcy when his grandfather died.

The fourth baronet, also called Claude (1847-1935), was a well known sportsman and much written up in the newspapers. He had five sons, all also called Claude.

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 2.19.59 pmude and his five sons

Sir Claude and his five sons pictured in the Black and White Budget of 19 May 1901


The fourth baronet’s second son Claude Raul (1878-1941) became the fifth baronet. Claude Raul had no children; his brother Claude Vierville had a daughter but there were no other children from the five Claudes.

On the death of the fifth baronet in 1941, the title passed to his cousin, Henry
Champion de Crespigny (1882-1946), son of Philip Augustus Champion de Crespigny (1850-1912). Philip was the younger brother of the 4th baronet, second son of the third baronet. Henry died unmarried.

On the death of the sixth baronet in 1946 the title passed to Henry’s brother, Frederick Philip (1884-1947), who became the 7th baronet. Frederick died without issue and the title passed to his nephew Vivian.

Vivian Champion de Crespigny was born in 1907 in Kent, England. He was the son of Tyrell Other William Champion de Crespigny (1859-1946). Tyrell was the third son of the third baronet.

On the death of Vivian there were no male descendants of the first baronet who could inherit the title. All men surnamed Champion de Crespigny descend from Philip Champion de Crespigny (1738-103), brother of the first baronet.

de Crespigny baronets male descent

Family tree showing the male line of descent from Claude Champion de Crespigny (1734-1818) the 1st baronet

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