In 1880, when my great great grandparents Agathe Maria Lang and Matthias Manock were married in Karlsruhe, Agathe provided this information for their marriage certificate:

She had been born in Zizenhausen on 29 December 1852. Her occupation was ‘maid’ (Dienstmädchen, domestic servant). Her mother was Anna Maria Lang, a washerwoman, who lived in Zizenhausen.

Agathe did not name her father.

In 1852, when Agathe Maria Lang had been baptised at Zizenhausen, only her mother, Anna Maria Lang, was named on the certificate.

Five other children of Anna Maria Lang were baptised in Zizenhausen with with no father named:

  • Paulina baptised 14 January 1844, buried 28 July 1844
  • Eleonora baptised 30 October 1845, buried 14 November 1845
  • Crescentia baptised 18 November 1847, buried 5 January 1848
  • Johannes baptised 6 December 1848
  • Josef baptised 18 April 1850, buried 19 July 1850

I think it is likely that these children were Agathe’s siblings.

Johannes, son of Anna Maria Lang, married in 1875 and had four children, three of whom died young. I have not found a record of the death of Johannes, nor of his wife Anna and his daughter Frida (born 1876).

I have not been able to find birth, marriage, or death records of Anna Maria Lang, at least those that I am confident refer to my great great grandmother. I have, however, found records of other women with the same name.

An Anna Maria Lang was born in January 1829 to Josef Lang and Maria Lang née Einhart. She married a Kaspar Schästle in 1859 in Konstanz. They had at least eight children. However, I believe that if this Anna was the mother of Agathe and Johannes then her married name would have been given on their marriage certificates.

Another Anna Maria Lang, born in 1814 to Thomas and Caecelia Kun, married Matthaeus Pfeifer at Zizenhausen in 1853. They had a daughter. As with Anna Maria Schästle I feel if this was the mother of Agathe her married name would have been mentioned on Agathe’s marriage certificate.

A third Anna Maria Lang, daughter of Georg Lang and Magdalena Lehri, was baptised at Konstanz on 17 September 1823. Nothing suggests this was the mother of Agathe.

I seem to have reached a dead end with this. But not to worry, these little puzzles are fun. I’ll persevere with it.

Zizenhausen is in the district of Stockach, a kilometre north of the town centre and about six kilometres north-west of Lake Constance. In 1852 the population of Zizenhausen was 1171: 621 female and 550 male. In 1974 Zizenhausen was incorporated into the City of Stockach.

View of the town of Zizenhausen with the castle. Watercolor on cardboard. Original, dated and inscribed by the artist, Gustav Freiherr von Bechtolsheim, 17.8.(18)83. Monogram “GB”. Image from Wikipedia

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