In April, next month, I will be taking part in my ninth A to Z Blogging Challenge, posting twenty-six times—every day except the four Sundays—with a post for every letter of the alphabet.

This year’s A to Z badge honours the late Jeremy Hawkins who had produced the graphics for the challenge from its inception

Although sometimes it seems odd to be producing posts in alphabetical order, the Challenge has taken me to some interesting places, from,

B is for Borneo


Z is for Zulu War.

I enjoy researching material for my Challenge posts and writing something new every day about my family history.

I also enjoy reading the posts of other participants, who visit and comment on mine. I have made many long term on-line friends this way.

This year I will be writing again about places associated with my family history.

The places I plan to virtually visit during April 2022

Past A to Z challenge posts