My grandmother Kathleen Cavenagh Cudmore was born 27 June 1908, 112 years ago today. She was the second daughter and second child of Arthur Murray Cudmore (1870-1951) and his wife Kathleen Mary née Cavenagh-Mainwaring (1874-1951).

My father wrote in a memoir of his mother:

Kathleen was always most attached to her father, who was a considerable sportsman: he played Australian football as a young man at league club level, his family background made him a good horseman and a good shot, and he was a talented golfer. Kathleen played golf from an early age, rode horses in competition, and also learnt fencing and played hockey. She remarked in a later interview that when she was young she would often play golf in the morning and go riding in the afternoon – or riding in the morning and golf in the afternoon. … She played regularly with the professional, Willie Harvey, at Royal Adelaide Golf Club.

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In 1934 Kathleen won the South Australian Women’s Golf Championship.

Ladies Golf Championship of South Australia: cup won by Kathleen Champion de Crespigny 1934
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Kathleen playing golf with her friend May Douglas (1904 – 1999)

Kathleen still played golf socially when I was a child and I remember playing with her at the Royal Adelaide Golf Club at Seaton in the 1970s.

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