Thursday the 23rd of May 2019 was a warm day. We travelled by train to Brighton, it had free Wi-Fi and no graffiti – Mum was very impressed.

20190523 Lewes twitten width 094733_IMG_5557

On the walk to the station Greg measured the width of our twitten

20190523 Lewes train 100735_IMG_5560

catching the train from Lewes – Brighton less than 10 miles away, about 15 minutes by train

20190523 Brighton station _103210

Brighton station

Mum and I meandered our way from the station to the seaside, stopping to buy chocolates in a shop we passed. We then met up with Peter and Dad who met us at the British Airways i360 observation tower (they took a different route). The i360 was shaped like a bagel and rose 162m into the air. I really enjoyed the views. Mum records she could see Beachey Head [17 miles away].

20190523 Brighton 110859_IMG_5583

Brighton West Pier ruins near i360

20190523 i360 113640_IMG_5610

looking east from high up on the i360 (reflections make photography difficult)


After the i360 we had lunch at the base of the viewing platform I had a virgin Shirley Temple cocktail. Mum had crayfish, Dad and I had fish and chips, however, the fish and chips were nicer yesterday.

Then we walked to the Brighton Pier. While Dad and I admired it from afar, Mum and Peter walked along the pier. They brought some Brighton rock back for us.

20190523 Brighton seafood kiosk 130458_IMG_5652

I sampled a delicious oyster from this seafood kiosk

20190523 Brighton cold water _125435

No wonder no one was swimming the water was only 12 degrees

20190523 Brighton Pier 131300_IMG_5659

Brighton Palace Pier

We then walked to the Royal Pavilion. It was built by George IV. It was the gaudiest thing I had ever seen. We weren’t allowed to take photos inside. There were lots of French schoolchildren touring the Pavilion.

20190523 Brighton Pavilion 134246_IMG_5690

Royal Pavilion

We caught the train back to Lewes and then we had a beer in a pub called “The Rights Of Man”. Dad then cooked a lovely dinner.


Inside The Rights of Man; Thomas Paine once lived in Lewes

2019 UK map 20190523

places visited in Brighton on 23 May