Did you know that black-and-white photographs can be colourised?

A new tool to do this, easy to use and free to MyHeritage subscribers, is now available at:


Not everyone would agree that artificially colourised photographs are better than black-and-white photographs. Perhaps it depends on the photo.

What do you think?

Here are some of the photos in my collection that have been colourised with the new tool.

My great grandmother, Kathleen Mary Cudmore formerly Cavenagh-Mainwaring née Cavenagh, and her sisters in about 1908. I wrote about them at N is for Naval husbands.

The school in about 1919 of my grandfather, Hans Boltz (1910 – 1992)

And a picture of my grandfather as a young boy. I wrote about him at Hans Boltz’s school photograph


A photograph taken about 1899 of Greg’s great grandfather John Young (1856 – 1928) with Greg’s grandfather Cecil (1898 – 1975), Jack Young (1896 – 1918), and John’s two step-children Bob (1883 – 1957) and Mary Whiteman (1884 – 1945). I wrote about this photo at Y is for Young family photographs.