In my personal genealogical research I use the online tools at to keep track of my forebears and the dates, events, sources, stories, and all the various documents and images directly and indirectly associated with them.

The core of this is my tree, of course. For safety I have a separate backup version of it compiled with FamilyTreeMaker. I use this to print reports and keep copies of relevant images and documents.

I also have copies of my family tree at MyHeritage and FindMyPast. MyHeritage is good for producing charts and I’ve found its DNA services very helpful. FindMyPast has been handy with access to early British and Irish newspapers as well as additional records.

I enjoy sharing our family history on the Web but, like many people, I also enjoy seeing it in print. For Christmas 2018 I decided to produce a book about our Young and Sullivan family history for my husband and his brother and sister. I used MyCanvas.

MyCanvas downloads data from and inserts basic names, dates, and events into various templates. It also downloads pages with formatted records, census records, for example.

To this I added photos, images of certificates, and some of my online research journal entries. I added text here and there and highlighted items in the records where our family appeared.

MyCanvas editing is done on line, using a simple word-processing editor. You can generate and preview pdf versions of the book as you go. When you’re happy MyCanvas prints and binds the book and sends you a copy or copies. All up it costs about a dollar per page.

I am very pleased with the result. My husband Greg, who takes credit for providing the relatives, is delighted to see his name in print. His brother and sister are very impressed and pleased by their Christmas present.