A to Z reflection 2018

This is my fifth “Blogging from A to Z Challenge“. This year I wrote about 26 people in my family tree whose personal name starts with a different letter of the alphabet.

It was quite a task, but that’s the “Challenge”, after all.

I chose the person for each letter well in advance, giving me more time for research.   X was a bit tricky, of course, and I had only one U to work with. Other letters gave me more choice.

Half the posts were about women (“Women hold up half the sky”, declared Chairman Mao), and many of the stories – though not intentionally chosen for it – had at least a touch of religious colouring. I am pleased to have been able to include one of my German forebears.


A to Z 2018 chart

My family tree, with my husband Greg’s, showing the locations of the people I wrote about. [This   Sun Chart generated using MyHeritage.]

  • A is for Arthur
    • My husband Greg’s maternal grandfather Arthur Sullivan (1891-1975)
  • B is for Beatrix
    • One of my great grandmothers was Beatrix Champion de Crespigny née Hughes (1884-1943)
  • C is for Collier
    • My first cousin three times removed was Collier Robert Cudmore (1885-1971), the cousin of my great grandfather, Arthur Murray Cudmore. Collier won an Olympic gold medal for rowing.
  • D is for Daniel
    • One of my seventh great grandfathers was Daniel Dana (1664-1749), a New England Puritan.
  • E is for Eliza
    • One of my husband’s great great grandmother was Eliza Morley née Sinden (1823 – 1908). In 1853 Eliza and her husband emigrated to Australia from Sussex, England.
  • F is for Francis
    • One of my husband’s great great grandfathers was Francis Gilbart Edwards (1848-1913).
  • G is for Gustav
    • One of my great great grandfathers on my mother’s side was Gustav Waldemar Alexander Karl Peters (1860-1904)
  • H is for Henry
    • My husband’s great grandfather Henry Sullivan (1863-1943)
  • I is for Ichabod
    • One of my 8th great grandfathers was Ichabod Chauncy (1635 -1691), another dissenter and puritan
  • J is for John
    • One of my husband’s great great grandfathers was John Way (1835-1911)
  • K is for Kenneth
    • One of my third great uncles was Kenneth George Budge (1842-1878)
  • L is for Lilian
    • My third cousin four times removed, who was also the sister-in law of my third great uncle, was Dr Lilian Helen Alexander (1861-1934), one of the first women doctors in Melbourne and a carer of her orphaned nephews.
  • M is for Mary
    • My husband Greg’s great aunt was Mary Ann Nichols, formerly Lack née Whiteman (1884-1945)
  • N is for Nellie
    • One of my first cousins four times removed was Eleanor Mary (Nellie) Niall (1858-1891)
  • O is for Orfeur
    • My third great uncle Orfeur Cavenagh (1820-1891) was one of several relations named after my fifth great grandfather John Orfeur (1695-1753)
  • P is for Penelope
    • My sixth great aunt Penelope Phipps (1775-1814) was left in France by her parents during the Reign of Terror. She was only 17 and had seven younger siblings to care for.
  • Q is for Queenie
    • My great great aunt Alice Magee née Mainwaring formerly Cavenagh-Mainwaring (1879-1952) was known as Queenie.
  • R is for Rosina
    • One of my husband’s maternal great aunts was Rosina Doidge née Sullivan formerly Saunders (1889-1969).
  • S is for Suky
    • One of my fifth great grandmothers was Susannah Lamothe née Corrin (1741-1803).
  • T is for Theresa
    • One of my fourth great aunts was Theresa Susannah Eunice Snell Poole formerly Walker née Chauncy (1807-1876). Theresa was a sculptor and artist.
  • U is for Una
    • Una Elizabeth Dwyer née Sneyd (1900-1982), first cousin twice removed of my husband Greg. After reading this post Una’s son, Greg’s cousin, contacted us.
  • V is for Valencia
    • Cicely Valencia Lancaster (1898-1996), known as Valencia, was my sixth cousin once removed. She left a trust to preserve Kelmarsh Hall where many Champion de Crespigny portraits and family documents are held.
  • W is for William
  • X, her mark, revisited
    • My husband’s great great grandmother Eliza Dawson née Skerritt (1838-1899) was illiterate but protested successfully when somebody tried to take advantage of her by wrongly recording her vote.
  • Y is for Yannasch
    • Jacob Robert Yannasch Goldstein (1841-1910) was the husband of my third great aunt. Jacob was  ‘an anti-suffragist’ despite his daughter Vida Goldstein’s (1869-1949) being a noted feminist and suffragette; or perhaps Vida was a feminist and suffragette despite her father.
  • Z is for Zacharie
    • One of my eighth great grandfathers was Zacharie Fonnereau (1636-c. 1685), a Huguenot linen merchant from La Rochelle.

This year there were more detailed categories to choose and one of those was “genealogy”. Through the month I was pleased to follow some fellow genealogy bloggers and I appreciated their support and encouragement through the month:

During the month I followed some other entertaining blogs as well.

I look forward to participating next year.