I have participated in the ‘Blogging from A to Z April Challenge‘ five times.

This morning, as I was posting ‘A is for Arthur‘ for the Challenge,  I realised that it was my 300th blog post.

Of the 300 posts, more than a third come from past ‘A to Z’ Challenges. Although it seems a little arbitrary to write posts based on letters of the alphabet, the challenge has taken me to some interesting places, from

In ‘A is for aviator: Ernest Osmond Cudmore‘ I admired my great grandfather’s cousin who became an aviator in World War 1 despite being an amputee. He was captured and, while a prisoner of war, was so determined to escape that, it is said, his German guards took away his wooden leg to to stop him. He came home from the war the long way driving across the USA, ‘B is for Buick‘.

When writing ‘K is for Kherson, death place of John Howard prison reformer‘ I thought about a prison reformer, admired by several of my forebears, who died in the Ukraine. I am sure my fourth great grandfather who spent time in prison for bankruptcy would have appreciated reforms for prisoners, ‘J is for jail: Bankruptcy of William Pulteney Dana‘.

I have learned about some of my forebears’ journeys to Australia

This year my theme is personal names rather than surnames. I look forward to visiting new places and learning more about my forebears. There is still plenty to write about.


This year ten other bloggers have signed up for the A to Z challenge under the category ‘genealogy’. Some of the writers I have read before and others are new to me. I look forward to reading their posts throughout April.

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Update 3 April
I just found another genealogy blogging participant https://anglersrestblog.wordpress.com/

Unfortunately however not all those who signed up seem to have posted anything yet