AncestryDNA have some excellent tools but one thing they don’t do is tell you on which chromosome and where you share your DNA. Uploading to GedMatch is free and can be very helpful in getting more information about your genetic inheritance. “Gedmatch tools can tell you is where on your DNA you are related, right down to the address on a particular chromosome. Anyone else who shares DNA with you at that spot likely inherited it from the same ancestor. Now your relative will be able to pinpoint how everyone else is related to you and them, which can be extremely helpful.” Thanks to “maltsoda” for putting together this excellent guide as to how to download your data and upload to GedMatch.



If you’re a little bit curious about what is and why you would want to upload your DNA there, read on.

What is Gedmatch?

If you have already done DNA testing with another company, Gedmatch allows you to take your DNA file from that company and put it in their database.

Why would I want my DNA in their database?

Since Gedmatch allows DNA to be uploaded from different testing companies, you’ll be able to get matches to people from the companies you didn’t test at, if they have also uploaded their DNA to Gedmatch. Plus, Gedmatch offers tools to analyse your DNA that some companies do not offer.

I have enough matches, and I’m not interested in these tools. Why should I bother with Gedmatch?

If someone who shares DNA with you asked you to upload your DNA to Gedmatch, the information they can get from this will…

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