Remembering two of my great grandfathers who were at Lemnos near Gallipoli for Christmas 1915. The Adelaide Advertiser of 25 December 1915 reported: “The latest report with reference to Surgeon Lieutenant-Colonel Cudmore, was at the hospital at Lemnos has been suffering from typhoid fever, is that he is making satisfactory progress under the, care of Surgeon Lieutenant-Colonel de Crespigny.”

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The group includes Colonel de Crespigny, Colonel Green (Sydney), Colonel Stawell, Major Kenneth Smith, Major Sherwin (Melbourne), Major Trethowar (Western Australia), Matron Wilson (Queensland), Major Lockhart Gibson (Sydney), Major Morton (Sydney), and Captain Graham (Sydney).
Photos by A.W. Savage. From The Sydney Mail, 29 March 1916. 
Constantine Trent Champion de Crespigny was my great grandfather.  He enlisted in 1915 at the same time as another of my great grandfathers, Arthur Murray Cudmore, and my great uncle Wentworth Cavenagh-Mainwaring. My post about Arthur Murray Cudmore at covered their enlistment and voyage from Australia.
Daily experiences of the 3rd AGH were reported in the Nepean Times through correspondence from Corporal Gates.

From Corporal Gates. (1916, January 8). Nepean Times(Penrith, NSW : 1882 – 1962), p. 7. Retrieved December 16, 2013, from

On 4 November, Colonel Fiaschi, who was seriously ill…

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