Marie Champion was the third child of Claude Champion de Crespigny (1620-1695) and his wife Marie de Vierville (1628-1708).

Marie was born in about 1655 in France and came with the rest of her family to England after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes.

On 13 May 1698 she married Jacques Feillet at the French Protestant Hungerford Chapel, Hungerford Market at Charing Cross on the Strand, London. Jacques or James died in about 1728, his will dated 1726 left everything to his wife Marie.

Mary Feillet made her will on 17 April 1736. She died not long after and the will was proved at London on 7 June 1736. She named her brother, sisters, nephews, and cousins in the will. 

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Prerogative Court of Canterbury PROB 11/677 Mary Feillet Place of Abode St James, Middlesex Date of Probate 7th June 1736 Date of Will 17th April 1736

Translated out of ffrench

In the Name of God Amen
I the underwritten Mary ffeillet widow of the Parish of
Saint James in the County of Middlesex being by the Grace of
God of sound Body and mind have made my Will as followeth –
ffirst I recommend my Soul to God through the Meritts of Jesus
Christ my Saviour and dispose of my Worldly Goods in manner
following I give to my Brother Peter Champion Crespigny the
???? during his life of the Estate which shall remain to me
after my decease And after my death I give the property thereof
to my two nephews Philip and Claude Champion de Crespigny to
be divided between them Share and Share alike Excepting One
hundred pounds Sterling which I give by way of ??? to my
Nephew Philip The rest shall be equally divided between them with
the following Conditions when my said Nephews shall enter
into Possession of my Estate after the death of my Brother they

shall pay three months after the Legacys hereafter Specified I give to
my Sister Margaret Debordes the Sum of ffifty pounds Sterling Item I
give to my sister Jane Lamberti the life Sum of ffifty pounds Sterling
Item I give to my Niece Allix the life Sum of ffifty pounds sterling
Item I give the sum of twenty ffive pound sterling to ffrances Goslin
Item I give the sum of twenty ffive pounds Sterling to my Cousins de
Pierrepont to be equally divided among them Item I give ffive pounds
Sterling to Thomas Goyer and a life sum of ffive pounds Sterling
to Mary Goyer his Daughter Item I also give a life sum of ffive
pounds sterling to the Daughter of Thomas Gofroy Item I give ten
pounds Sterling to Mrs Pierre Item I give ffive pounds Sterling
to the Poor of the Church of La Patente Item I give my late first
husband ??? Goslin’s Picture set with Diamonds to my Nephew
Philip upon Condition that it shall be preserved in his family so
without taking the Diamonds of And if he dyes without Children
I desire it may go to his Brother Claude upon the same Condition
Item I give to my said Nephew Philip my Diamond ring and
my Pearl Necklace To my Niece Susanna de Crespigny his
Daughter and I Declare and Constitute my said Nephews Executors
of this my Will revealing all those with I may have heretofore made
and my ???? is that the payment of the Legacys here above
shall be putt off till after the death of my said Brother Done in
London this 17 April 1736. Approved of the Obliteration of the
Two words ???? – Mary Feillet – Signed sealed and ???
in the presence of the Witnesses ??? – Emmanuel la Tour
Saml Granopre

faithfully translated out of ffrench London the
first day of June 1736. Which I attest Pet. St Eloy
Notary Publ.

This Will was proved a London before the Worshipful
John Andrew Doctor of Laws Surrogate of the Right
Worshipfull John ??? Doctor of Laws Master Keeper
Commissary of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury lawfully ???
constituted the Seventh day of June in the year of our Lord one
thousand Seven hundred and thirty six by the Oaths of Philip
Champion de Crespigny and Claude Champion de Crespigny the
Executors in the said Will named to whom Administration was
granted of all and singular the Goods Chattells and Credits of the
said deceased being first Sworn duly to Administer.