I thought I would take up Jill Ball’s challenge again and look back on my 2016 family history researches.

1.  I found some elusive ancestors, the parents and grandparents of my husband’s great grandfather Henry Sullivan: Poor little chap

2.  A precious family photo: a cousin of Greg’s showed us her family album. In it was a copy of a photo I had from another branch of the family. The presence of this photograph in her album helped to confirm the identity of the two teenagers. Y is for Young family photographs

3.  An ancestor’s grave: I have yet to visit the grave in Geelong of my 4th great uncle William Dana but I have seen some photos. On my to-do list for 2017 Trove Tuesday: death of Captain W. A. P. Dana

4.  An important vital record: the 1863 birth of Ebenezer Henry Sullivan – see Poor little chap.

5.  A newly-found family member shared her DNA. Together through shared matches and by reviewing our family trees and birth, marriage, and death records we added a couple of generations to our family tree on my husband’s side. This collaboration showed that you need a tree to start the matching process and that DNA alone is not enough. DNA, of course, helps to verify documents that by themselves would not necessarily have been enough to have taken the family tree back further. I need to write up my genetic genealogy experiences.

6.  A geneasurprise I received was eating a cake from a recipe my grandmother often used to use. It took me back decades: O is for Oma cooking from Dr Oetker’s “Backen Macht Freude” [geneacake? geneafood?]

Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte made according to a recipe my grandmother followed

7.   I am pleased with all my 2016 blog posts. In researching each blog entry I learned a little more about my family history and was always inspired to keep researching.

8.   I made a new genimate who … after some years of correspondence it was terrific to catch up with Greg’s cousin Sharon

9.  A new piece of software I mastered was Sun charts from MyHeritage.

10. A social media tool I enjoyed using for genealogy was Facebook. I found the group Using DNA for Genealogy – Australia & NZ full of useful advice

11. In order to get the most out of DNA testing I have spent a lot of time during 2016 viewing webinars about genetic genealogy. I found the advice by Crista Cowan on communicating with cousins particularly useful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qG2CiY_6c9Y .

16. I continue to get much useful material from the State Library of Victoria and the Public Record Office Victoria, both in North Melbourne and in Ballarat. These are enormously important repositories of relevant information. On line of course the National Library of Australia’s Trove has made a great difference to family history research and I use it frequently.

17. A new genealogy/history book I enjoyed was The Conversations We Never Had by Jeffrey H. Konis. I need to write up my own review of this book. I also enjoyed High Seas & High Teas: Voyaging to Australia by Roslyn Russell.