I was interested to read about sun charts, a new product from MyHeritage for displaying family trees.  I have seen circular charts displayed at the Genealogical Society of Victoria and thought they looked very elegant, but they were hand drawn and it looked like a lot of work.

In the 1990s a cousin arranged for a de Crespigny family tree to be drawn up by hand. It is very elegant but clearly a lot of work, not only in compiling the research, but also in arranging the branches of the tree and all the descendants.

This morning I signed up to MyHeritage and uploaded a gedcom. The process was easy and efficient.

I have generated a couple of charts and I have had them printed up at OfficeWorks. It was only $4 per A0 sheet and I am very pleased with the results.

The next step will be to add photographs to the tree at MyHeritage as I think this will make the charts more interesting.  I haven’t got pictures for everyone but I have quite a few.

This chart is of the descendants of Claude Champion de Crespigny (1620-1695) my eighth great grandfather. 12 generations are shown in the one chart.
This chart is just of the Australian branch of the family, that is the descendants of Philip Robert Champion de Crespigny (1817-1889), my 3rd great grandfather.

This is one of the three sheets of the family tree drawn up in the early 1990s