My maternal grandparents, Hans Boltz (1910-1992) and Charlotte Manock (1912-1988), were members of the Kanu-Club Wannsee in Berlin before they were married.  The following pictures are photos from their photo album.

Wannsee is in the south-west of Berlin, Germany. The River Havel forms two lakes separated by a bridge: the Großer Wannsee (Greater Wannsee) and the Kleiner Wannsee (Little Wannsee).  There is still a Wannseer Kanu-Club located on the Kleiner Wannsee which takes canoe hiking trips.

Kanu-Club Wannsee 1931
1931- Hans Boltz is in the middle back (wearing glasses)

Hans Boltz is second from the front


Kanu-Club Wannsee 1935
Hans Boltz is in overcoat with glasses
Charlotte Manock at the Kanu-Club
Hans and Charlotte
camping with canoes
Charlotte camping
Charlotte camping

canoes in a lock

This week’s Sepia Saturday blogging theme is Robinson Crusoe. There seems to be some mention of canoes in the novel giving my post a tenuous link to the theme.