Fashions for Christmas time 78 years ago.

OUTDOOR CHRISTMAS in True AUSTRALIAN STYLE. (1937, December 4). The Mail (Adelaide, SA : 1912 – 1954), p. 1 Section: WOMAN’S SECTION. Retrieved from

WHILE our kinsfolk in England long for a ‘white’ Christmas, with snow covering leafless trees, we Australians hope for a Christmas golden with sunshine, with green-leaved trees providing cool and pleasant shade, for many of us this great day of the year is spent out of doors, warming ourselves not by huge log fires, but in the summer sun.

Some Australians even forgo the usual rite of eating a large Christmas dinner inside their homes, and take their turkey and pudding with them as they set off in motor cars, caravans, or trailers for a camping holiday at the beach and in the hills.

But whether we dine conventionally at a table laden with good things or sit on the ground round an informal setting of a picnic meal on hill-slope or beach-sands, many of us spend most of the day in the open.

For the sea-lover South Australia offers plenty of sport. At Outer Harbor and seaside resorts people, both young and old, will don sporting clothes and go in search of sea breezes and thrills in yachts and motor boats, if the weather behaves as it should on December 25. Men will go out fishing, young men and women will swim and sunbake, making the beaches gay with the newest attractive fashions in beach wear.

In city, suburbs, and hills tennis courts will be the centre of many happy parties, and cars filled with pleasure-seeking holiday-makers will wend their way through the beauties of Adelaide’s surroundings.

From a fashion point of view Christmas this year should be more exciting than ever before. Shorts have been accepted almost every where in South Australia as a suitable and attractive sports costume. With white or colored designs girls will wear contrasting jumpers, or on the beach backless scarf tops. Bathing suits are gaily floral this season, and the colors as gay as the rainbow.

The fashion of wearing a scarf knotted in peasant style over the head will provide many pleasing pictures out of doors, while huge, shady hats will rival them for charm.

The tennis scene … shows Mrs. Geoffrey de Crespigny and Miss Heather Craven pausing for a moment during an after noon game at Memorial Drive. Mrs. de Crespigny is wearing a white sleeve less frock and white fell hat, while her partner is in white linen divided skirt and sleeveless top.

Mrs Geoffrey de Crespigny, née Kathleen Cudmore (1908-2013), was my grandmother.

Memorial Drive Tennis Club was founded in 1914.