Social Doings Of The Week. (1933, March 16). Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 – 1954), p. 53. Retrieved January 14, 2014, from

We still have those home movies and I remember being shown them by my grandmother, Kathleen.  My brother has had them copied to DVD.

Some stills of scenes that would have been viewed that evening in March 1933:

HMS Effingham arriving Colombo Harbour
Aden from the Salt Works

Aden from the Salt Works (another scene)
Mount of Olives, Jerusalem
Wailing Wall, Jerusalem
Rhodes shipping
Athens Acropolis
Trooping the Colour – 1932
Hendon Air Show – 1932
Hendon Air Show

The film of Hendon Air Show I found particularly fascinating.

Hendon Air Show – Westland-Hill Pterodactyl flying wing – probably version iv, an experimental tailless aircraft
Hendon Air Show – gyrocopter?

The pictures of Whitmore would seem to be those that were the backdrop for a comedy film called “A Run for his Money”. Unfortunately I am not able to capture any meaningful stills of Whitmore – the village and lake featured in the film as well as the grounds of Whitmore.

Kathleen played the heroine Elsie Oozegold
Rafe Cavenagh-Mainwaring played the heroine’s father Isaac Oozegold, a Steel Magnet (sic 😉 )