The group includes Colonel de Crespigny, Colonel Green (Sydney), Colonel Stawell, Major Kenneth Smith, Major Sherwin (Melbourne), Major Trethowar (Western Australia), Matron Wilson (Queensland), Major Lockhart Gibson (Sydney), Major Morton (Sydney), and Captain Graham (Sydney).
Photos by A.W. Savage. From The Sydney Mail, 29 March 1916. 
Constantine Trent Champion de Crespigny was my great grandfather.  He enlisted in 1915 at the same time as another of my great grandfathers, Arthur Murray Cudmore, and my great uncle Wentworth Cavenagh-Mainwaring. My post about Arthur Murray Cudmore at covered their enlistment and voyage from Australia.
Daily experiences of the 3rd AGH were reported in the Nepean Times through correspondence from Corporal Gates.

From Corporal Gates. (1916, January 8). Nepean Times(Penrith, NSW : 1882 – 1962), p. 7. Retrieved December 16, 2013, from



On 4 November, Colonel Fiaschi, who was seriously ill, was evacuated to London and Lieutenant Colonel Constantine De Crespigny took over as Commanding Officer until the 3rd AGH left Lemnos for Egypt in January 1916. When the 1040 bed hospital closed in Egypt in January 1916, it had treated 7400 patients of whom only 143 had died. (From
Among those staff hospitalised on 6 November was Arthur Murray Cudmore.
The following  photographs of the 3rd Australian General Hospital at Lemnos in 1915 are captioned with original comments by Lieutenent Colonel Sir Trent Champion De Crespigny and  published by the SA Health Services Historical Research Group. From the South Australian RAAMC History Committee
3 A.G.H. was landed on Turk’s Head, West Mudros on 5 August 1915 …
… on a bare and roadless hillside—without tents or equipment, without water-supply other than the tank ships and with only one water-cart each, with no sanitary provision whatever and with little transport other than hand carriage—to prepare for the vast operations timed for the 6th.
Butler’s official medical history, Vol I, p286 quoted by
This photograph has a special interest for South Australia, inasmuch as it shows the late War Lord in conversation with Colonel de Crespigny, of Adelaide, on Lemnos Island, not long before the evacuation of Gallipoli.
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