This week’s Sepia Saturday prompt is a blurry photograph. We are urged to “by-pass the best, avoid the crystal clear, and focus [our] attention on the less than perfect, because, as we all know, all too often, life is less than perfect.”

This blur of dogs, our dog Toby playing on the beach with my parents’ dogs Max and Maurice, reminded me of how little we know about our forebears.

We are pleased when we are able to record public facts about our forebears, but we usually know very little about them as people. What were their hopes and fears, what gave them pleasure and pain? The dry facts remain; the things that matter are quickly lost. 

I am sure that many of my ancestors loved their pets, and it’s sad to think that death and the passage of time removes even the name of the family dog.

But here I have to finish this post because Toby, the fawn-and-grey chap in the foreground, says it’s time for a walk.

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