My very great thanks to Laurena who has so generously shared some research with me relating to the Budge and Cudmore families.  Although she is only very distantly related to these families by marriage she had come across some research which solved a long standing puzzle for me.  Unfortunately’s notification system is very unreliable and I was unaware that she had let me know of her finds until she sent me a follow-up message.  I am indeed very grateful and my silence did not mean my lack of interest!

I wrote a couple of months ago about Kenneth’s wife Margaret Gunn. They married in 1840 and had five children:

  1. Donald, also known as Daniel, (1841 – 1895)
  2. Kenneth George (1842 – 1878)
  3. Alexandrina (1844 – ? : died young)
  4. Margaret (1845 – 1912), my great great grandmother who married James Francis Cudmore
  5. Alexandrina (1851 – 1911)

When Margaret married James Francis Cudmore in 1867 the marriage announcements referred to her as the daughter of the late Captain Kenneth Budge.  I had a great difficulty in finding Margaret’s and her family’s immigration and had never found her father’s death.  I had worked out that the death must have been about 1853 based on Margaret’s remarriage.  The death preceded civil registration and I had not found a burial record.  I thought he must have died at sea but had not found any newspaper mentions.

Laurena has located a key newspaper article telling of the fate of my great great great grandfather, filling in some of my family history and also adding another generation.

From the John O’Groat Journal Friday 10 September 1852

THE MARY RODGERS. –  This vessel which belongs to Bo’ness, is reported in the Shipping Gazette of the 4th instant as having left Elsinore on the 30th ult.; and in the same paper she is again reported as having put into the same port, with master and one man dead of cholera. This vessel left Wick on the 30th July, herring laden, for Dantzic, and was commanded by Mr Kenneth Budge, of this place, son of the late Mr Donald Budge, shipmaster, Wick. The owner of the Mary Rodgers was on board when the vessel left Wick.

Another article on the same subject from the Newcastle Guardian and Tyne Mercury  Saturday 11 September 1852: 

Elsinore, Aug.30 – The brig Corinthian, from Newcastle, was towed up from Hornbeck to these roads to-day. The schooner, Mary, Rodgers, of Boiness, from Danzig, has put in here; master and one man dead of cholera.